"Mrs. Karen Maison began teaching me to play the piano correctly at a very young age. From that time, Mrs. Maison not only showed me the value of music, but instilled in me a unique confidence which helped me to thrive not only musically, but on many other levels. Because of her guidance, I was awarded a scholarship in piano accompaniment at Grand Canyon University, which granted me my entire college education. I am proud to have studied under Karen Maison, as she has helped me to flourish in my education and career today".

Danielle Morgan

"I was fortunate enough to be a piano student of Karen Maison as I prepared to take conservatory auditions during my last two years of high school. Not only was Mrs. Maison prepared to equip me with filling out my applications, preliminary testing and interviewing at conservatories such as the Manhattan School of Music, Peabody Conservatory and Eastman School of Music, she also gave me the musical tools needed to bring my best abilities to the audition room. Among Mrs. Maison's many wonderful qualities as a teacher, the balance she found between pushing me to excel and knowing when to relax, really prepared me for the competitive environment I encountered as a scholarship recipient and piano performance undergraduate student at the Cleveland Institute of Music".

Kristin Camacho 

"Without having received any previous classical piano instruction, Mrs. Maison helped me to prepare baroque, classical, romantic and impressionistic repertoire with only nine months of classical training. Thanks to her lessons and patience, I was admitted into the University of Arizona's Bachelor of Arts Program in Instrumental Studies where I obtained a $16,0000 music scholarship in accompanying"

Jacob Heid

"Karen Maison has a commitment and enthusiasm for her students beyond what I have experienced with other teachers. I studied with Mrs. Maison a year before my acceptance into Arizona State University's School of Music. During that time, she prepared me for more than just how to play the piano. She took time to build my confidence, led by example and establish a well-rounded base of musical knowledge. Since my interest was in music composition, she became an audience, critic and supporter of my works. I'm glad to have such a high quality mentor like Karen in my life".

Robert Springer

"During the past eight years with Mrs.Maison. I gained a knowledge, appreciation and love for the piano beyond my greatest expectations. Mrs. Maison nurtured my love for music, creativity and expression, with guidance of the highest standards. I emphatically recommend Mrs. Maison for piano students of all abilities. Her passion for teaching music, as well as her knowledge and experience are unparalleled. Due to her instruction and advice, I was accepted into the Arizona State University's School of Composition program. None of my success would have been possible without Mrs. Maison. She has been my teacher and has become my friend and mentor. I am extremely fortunate and proud to have been her student".

Bethany Brown​

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As of July 2015, the studio is located at Bella Vista College Preparatory, (located at 33401 N. 56th Street, one light east of the Cave Creek Road and Carefree Highway intersection).

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